Friday, February 29, 2008

Go and catch a falling star!
Yeah that's about it!
*cryptic smile*

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Today was an uneventful day...if the plotting and planting of the family tree is not taken into consideration and I was happy and sad, chirpy and silent, crazy and sober all within the span of a few minutes.
These teenager like mood swings!
On a completely different note, there's no one like you B! Never will be.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Of f*ux p*s *nd friends.

This is my first post in this person*l blog of mine where I c*n be m*d, politic*lly incorrect *nd even gr*mmatic*lly incorrect. I c*n flout *ll rules of the English l*ngu*ge *nd freely slip from l*ngu*ge to l*ngu*ge without being pen*lised.
Yippee!! Tot*l freedom t*stes good. So does being in my own shoes for * while.
So I decide to do *w*y with * p*rticul*r letter tod*y.
I m*de * m*jor f*ux p*s when *fter * quick reflection I fin*lly decl*red peremptorily th*t the sc*ntily cl*d cricket field th*t we were *mbling through h*d * different bound*ry for sixers!
I KNOW EVERYTHING...erm ok*y not quite evrything but quite * lot *bout the g*me. HMMPHH!!!
Im*gine the ignominy of he*ring this st*tement of yours being repe*tedly repe*ted to every individu*l in the group inspite of the f*ct th*t he/she h*d he*rd you s*y those words you wish your lips h*d never *rticul*ted, *nd then to those unfortun*te very close friends who h*dn't h*d the chance to h*ve the first h*nd experince , then to common friends who go h*w h*w h*w clutching their tummies *s if they never he*rd * funnier line, *nd then to scores of close friends who don't even know you only to p*ss * hypothesis on girls *nd their cricket br*ins! [D*rn! I h*te MB], *nd fin*lly my blunder *tt*ins the st*tus of * legend*ry one *nd my n*me goes down in the voluminous volume of 'legend*ry fa*x p*s'.
*nd I won't h*ve people e*vesdropping when I *sk my mom perfectly norm*l questions on the phone *nd l*ter be te*sed mercilessly for no *pp*rent re*son!!
*nd I won't drink w*ter overdosed with zeoline *nd feel like I h*ve ble*ching powder in my mouth!! YUCK!!
*nd I won't have my v*nill*-str*wberry softy s*crificed to serve *s the guine* pig to the m*r*ttok experiments conducted by * horde of d*ngerously cre*tive culin*ry *rtists, fusion being their w*tchword. *nd I won't h*ve my icecre*m licked *nd gobbled up while I munch on the miy*no w*fer.

But without * second thought, I would h*ve *ll those *nd more bec*use I completely, cr*zily love the people who do those. They m*ke my d*ys fun filled *nd nights full of h*ppy dre*ms.
Love you *ll!!!