Thursday, December 31, 2009

A man came today and took away the monitor of our computer. Something had happened to the picture tube. The screen would suddenly blinker, grow darker and then fade. White bands would dissect the screen-white lines whiter than the snow-blanket clad farm of mine on Facebook. And Baba said it was time we got rid of the old monitor and got a bigger, better, flatter, snazzier one. I couldn't wait for the new monitor to arrive. But when the man came today, in a rather modest attire, it was so sudden and I was so unprepared that I dismissed him as the grocery man. Probably I thought that the chic monitor demanded a more stylish man. And suddenly I felt bad for my old monitor, that had been with us since we were in the 12th standard. I helped the man detach and disentangle its cords. He set the new one up, had a cup of tea and left, with the other one packed inside a cardboard box. I'll forget about it in a couple of days, I'm sure. But now the computer table seems wider, the picture on the screen more distinct, bigger. The result is better no doubt but I have this tiny clot inside that refuses to let me feel happy and agree whole-heartedly with Baba when he praises the new monitor. Weird sentimentalism for something I didn't even pay much attention to when it was there. Strangely I don't feel the same way about this year which will be cast away to give place to the first year of the new deacde in less than four hours. This year has taught me a lot. It has made me grow up. Which is why perhaps I am not quite half as sentimental about it. Anyway Happy New year to all of you out there. May you miss 2010 on the eve of 2011.