Thursday, June 19, 2008

You are walking slowly on a black road glistening with rain. At regular intervals yellow light from the tall streetlamps falls on the black road making it shine. A light drizzle touches your skin...amorously. The earphone plugged to your ears is belting out...'Dil se re'.
Suddenly you want to turn your face upwards and close your eyes and let the rain kiss your face gently. Suddenly you want to outstretch your arms and lose yourself. Suddenly you want to mingle your tears with the drops of rain running down you face.
Suddenly it feels like love.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

June 2008 is the longest month ever!! It doesn't want to end! :(

Friday, June 13, 2008

Hey you three,
Chances are you guys will never even know I wrote this for you. But now that you all are going away and it'll be ages before I see you again, I just want to tell you I love you all...a lot. So a few lines to each of you.

Sayori- You are one person time will never make me forget. You and I met on the first day of college and stuck together for 3 years, saw a lot together, did a lot together, went through a lot together. We've had differences...glaring ones...but I have always had this feeling that deep down inside we are very are the worldly-wise, sensible, practical version of my emotional dreamer self...the person I could turn to when I lost my stuff ( admit cards and heart alike). If we were asked to choose from an array of letters you and I would pick up the same ones, make the same words and compose different sentences. You introduced me to Toni Morrison, ways of this world and JUPC. These three years have unravelled you to me little by little...and I know now how you feel what you feel and why you feel. I don't claim to like everything about you...but I understand your logic and your philosophies now, you have always been very sure of which. I haven't told you ever, you are a person with immense potential and I believe you have the right amount of ambition to do justice to it. Shine on Shy.I have so much to tell about you but words aren't the perfect medium. Love you.

Sayak- You are the brother I never best friend, my confidante, my patient listener, my loving counsellor I can not even dare to imagine my days without you. You make me laugh. You irritate me to the point of insanity. You crib. You nag. You behave stupidly.But your philosophy about life amazes me, so do your sense of humour and your keen power of observation. You hardly have a word of praise for my writings but I am a fan of your poems. You have touched my life in a way few have. you are always, always, always there not only when I am down and out but when I am happy and rejoicing. There hasn't passed a day when we haven't fought but we always put them behind us don't we? There's only one thing to ask of you, now that you are going so far my friend always.Love you Doggy.( don't even think of retorting!)

Arko- Hey Baba,you are simply wonderful! Did I ever tell you that? You can't expect me to, can you! what with our mock fights and your Rag-the madgirl motto! Thank God you haven't seen my "dispooted" blog. Thank God you don't search for updates here. Since you'll never stumble upon this blog of mine it's safe to disclose that I feel sad that we hadn't met earlier, I feel sad that you are going away, I feel terrible thinking about the Arkoless adda sessions that will follow and that there will be nobody to pull my leg and send me home fuming and seething. Will miss you horribly. Love you(grudgingly).

Here's to the three of you.

Friday, June 6, 2008

I had to write something! Anything! At times I think I suffer from hypergraphia...err...not quite...erm... may be an obssessive compulsive writing disorder...whatever!!!
Okay so I am drawing up the list of books I should read before my classes start again.

1. One hundred years of solitude.
2. My name is Red.
3. The journals of Sylvia Plath.
4. Three men in a boat.
5. The trial.
6. Julius caesar.
7. The Devil and Miss Prym.
8. Great Expectations.
9. Jao pakhi.
10. Duurbeen.

Chances are I'll never finish any of them. Argghhhh!!!