Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sweet lover

So why is it that lovers must address each other as 'honey' or 'sugarplum' or 'sweetheart' and such stuff? If I had to call my lover by a name that moistens my mouth and creates just the mood for loads of love and mush wouldn't '4 number gate-er fuchka' be more apt? Or 'Biryani' for that matter? If you insist love is sweet and so is the lover, why I'd much rather call him' kaju-barfi' or 'jilipi' instead of honey or such like. In any case you can have only about a spoonful of honey or sugar before it makes your mouth cloy with a sickly sweetness.
Be original. Remember Pantobhutni.If you must commend the sweetness of your lover, let it be in the name of a sweetmeat you like truly. [ But please rosogolla and mishti doi are way too overused by 'oh-I-love-kolkata-drool-drool-ohthemishtidoiandohtherosogolla!!!' celebrities. But if you must, who am I to stop?]

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Sometimes I am just a huge ball of nerves (Not that I'm huge, why one must have lied shamelessly if he told you I'm huge! Nor am I spherical. Again you misunderstand. All I mean is-sometimes I am just a huge ball of nerves.That's that.) Nerve ends prick the inside of my skin, eager as fishing-hooks to catch the slightest of slights and insults and cold shoulders and you-name-it. In short I become sensitive to insensitivities. God save my friends on those days.(Now I have three classes of friends-college classmates, school friends and club friends. With the latter two this ball of nerves phenomenon occurs very very rarely, if at all. These are the people I'm most comfortable with despite their teasing me ceaselessly on the most delicate of matters. But it would be a falsehood to say I'm not comfortable with my classmates because with some of them I share a rather strong bond and can discuss the most delicate of matters. But most of them are formal, entirely civilised, very prim and propah, horrified at the idea of teasing someone about what one would rather keep a secret... why then am I a ball of nerves around this super-sensitive, uber-sensible bunch?)
So I'm upset if they forget to wait for me at the canteen, or leave without saying bye, or snap at me if I ask why they feel bad...oh you get the drift I'm sure. Now this is extremely idiotic, but at the same time rather painful.
There are also a kind of people whose nerve ends are probably so entangled in zillions of knots that they fail to carry any impulse at all. In short, they are insensitive to sensitivity. Now I could cite instances galore, but would refrain. It's rude to criticise, won't you agree?
(Between you and me, I can't give such examples-was only looking for a chance to say half clever things.:D.)
So on some days I occupy the middle ground and on one such day,because I had asked her to stop rubbing her shoes, each against the other, producing a noisy distraction in class, a classmate glared at me with her really scary glare, , which I failed to notice. :) Lucky!
(That nonplussed poor dear D. isn't this habit of quipping in parentheses rather infuriating? There's only one thing worse than reading stupid quips...Chetan Bhagat is a pro at that-making stupid quips I mean,not reading them. D'UH!! He makes you want to say that every time he tries to make a wisecrack. Okay so getting back to the point-there's only one thing worse than reading stupid quips, that is being told your own quips are stupid. Now dear readers, surely you won't do that to me? REDALERT!! I start feeling like a ball of nerve already!)

Are you a BON yet?

P.S with reference to quip no 3.-I'd like to add that I remember one example at the least-the man driving the car that hit me this saraswati puja. The front wheel kept pressing onto my leg, despite my loud screams. The man just stared vacuously. Poor man! his nerves need stronger medicines than my injury does. Oh, and that part of my leg is now blue and black and red.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Day before yesterday, on the phone, he said."but you never write of me." and I realised with a pang that indeed I haven't ever written truly about him, my boyfriend, except some rather stupid mushy and to undo the mush, cryptic posts. It has taken me a while to realise that like so many others, like in so many relationships, I have perhaps taken him for granted. I don't always realise the urgency in his across-the hemisphere calls-just to hear my voice, I don't always deal patiently with his need to feel my presence, even virtually before he goes to sleep, whereas he doesn't fail in taking some time out of his uber-busy schedule to call me as many times a day as I want him to. There are so many beautiful little things that he does, so many natural little flourishes here and there to make me smile, even though he can't see me smile across the oceans, so many times that he tells me I'm pretty (which is untrue) and so honestly, so earnestly that I start thinking I'm beautiful... It is he who is really beautiful. But I let him be the mirror and revelled in my beauty, and rarely ever let him revel in his. Strangely I sound like Martha in 'Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?' I don't know how to end my post. He's the support. I could have lived without him but I don't want to. Love you Souvick.

Monday, January 11, 2010

I had a nice day. Took some nice shots that made me very happy. The only bad part was getting shouted at by a beggarly woman sitting alone picturesquely, poetically on a small flight of stairs,when I tried to take her photo. The language she used wasn't poetic at all. Very scary in fact it was. I fled.:( Truly, poverty and insanity might seem poetic to us but it is not to those who suffer under their yoke. Sorry woman.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Seems I was so disturbed by that morbid show I didn't even notice what it's called. It's called Raaz Pichhle Janam Ki and not kahani purvajanam ki. Ekta kapoor hangover. I should go and die. or may be I should go to that show , get analysed and find out why I am neither tall nor pretty. Perturbs me big time. I'm serious.

P.S.-Since he won't read my blog, it's safe to disclose that Sounak is a worse badminton player than I am.:). Readers,believe me.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mixed bag

As is normal with me, I have been putting off writing on this blog [spellcheck wants me to change it into glob] though stories, anecdotes and emotions have been piling up inside me, not out of sheer laziness but on the contrary because of my preoccupation with other stuff such as studying,which is not normal with me. So anyway once again this post is doomed to be a mocktale of a number of unconnected events, feelings and opinions which I shall try to concoct while racking my brain frantically for witty comments and hard words.

And that brings to mind by what one would like to call reflex action a professor's wonderfully witty comments about how one should use as many hard words as one can, when young, because one is doomed to forget them later anyway and seeing that the pleasure of using hard words just for the sake of using hard words is comparable to that of having sex for sex's sake, one ought to have a fair share of it early in life. So we laughed gaily for a while today.

Okay so, 3 days into the new semester and I have started studying. Hard to believe as that is, even for me, it's true. And it felt good, to say the truth. Though I'm a little scared I am turning into a nerd, who loves studying just for the sake of it, dreams high, but aims nowhere. So be it. If only I could go on studying all my life. Oh God! that sound horribly nerdy doesn't it? I switch topics.

So Jyoti Basu is grievously ill. And he has been grievously ill before, and has always recuperated steadily and gone back home to celebrate yet another birthday. He's not 95 for nothing . So I hadn't paid much attention to his being sick now. And then this afternoon we heard he was dead. And we checked a blog which mourned his death. We are an unfeeling bunch, we are! [Sadly I'm not even too sad about that. I'm sure we can all be sad when it's really time to be sad.] We were more concerned with the speculation on whether the next day would be declared a holiday . I think I felt a little bad for him- Poor old man! He died...that way. Because all through my growing years I had heard not really pleasant things about the man and being as uninterested in Politics as I am (shamefacedly) I never bothered to clarify unbiasedly .By the time I left for home, all of us were sure the former chief minister of Bengal had secured us at least one holiday. Back at home the TV channels confirmed otherwise. It was a nasty rumour! Nasty indeed it was! Besides killing a dying old man before his time, it had deluded us into a happily tranquil state that is only possible to attain when one gets a sudden holiday in the middle of the week, the cause notwithstanding.
Buk bhora asha dhuk kore nibhe jaoa and all that!

I played badminton after ages yesterday! Lost both sets, but not without a fight! However puny my stature, however diminutive my frame I put up a fight yes![Not that it helped much, my opponents helped me better] And now
My right arm aches
My right hand aches
My back aches
My right leg aches
My left leg aches.
But I love the ache!! It makes me happy.

I admit kahani Purvajanam ki is a show that spooks me. I cannot entirely disbelieve it, nor can I accept it wholly. Mostly the stories are traumatic and the analyseds seem to be suffering during the process which makes it all the more difficult for me to dismiss them as complicit in the TRP boosting conspiracy, if there is any. It seems to be an irrational, illogical void. I myself sort of believe in birth-cycles whether instinctively or otherwise.Or may be only to dissuade myself from thinking too much about Death, which I already obsess about, to the point of morbidity. When I was young I had a belief that I was a female trapeze performer.Whether it was an original imagination- using the term in the sense of its image-forming aspect- or I had appropriated it from a story book is a question my memory can not be trusted to answer faithfully. But the show is about death and strange coincidences and it disturbs me no end.

Tunna is recharged by sucking her tiny little thumb. Tunna says the sweetest 'ta-ta' ever. Tunna is the naughtiest baby ever. Also the petukest ever. I am her fan. But she'll grow up soon.:(

Some days I feel so full of love that I find two perfectly ordinary men speaking to each other a lovely sight!

Old people without teeth look amazingly cute. I do not mean to be unfeeling.

Oh, and May seems so much nearer from this side of 2009. May is a nice month.:) Much better than August.

Emosonal atyachar?